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TJR Cool Graphics is your best resource for stunningly realistic clip art, as well as lesson plans and ideas for creating your own craft projects and sellable products.  All of my clip art is royalty free and can be used by both the individual designer as well as commercial entities.

Realistic Clip Art
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This website was founded as a means to provide you with realistic clip art and photographic resources, ideas and stunning custom artwork.  

My designs are available both for at home and corporate applications. All of my clip art and photos are royalty free. For those of you interested in art and imagery, I have dozens of cool graphics from fantasy creatures to traditional animals. My clip art designs are available for purchase at a low cost and can be used for any of your projects.  

Both adults and children can enjoy the wonderful array of kids art and crafts ideas listed on TJR Cool Graphics!

These realistic clip art designs are created with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.  All of the realistic clip art available in my store, Joy Creating, is created be me.  

The artwork found at TJR Cool Graphics and my passion for creating such lifelike images was first inspired in my childhood. My parents had a full set of that classic collection, World Book Encyclopedia, that was practically a staple in my youth! For me, these books were a treasure trove of brightly colored images! I spent hours and hours studying the various creatures and other creations on those pages. Horses and dogs and cats, bird, bird eggs, gem stones, agates, and all of those fascinating landscapes! But, by far, my favorite sections were the ones in the back of a couple volumes. I remember both the "human" and "horse" sections had a special series of pages that showed the bones and muscles. What made them so cool was the fact that a couple of pages were transparent overlays showing how the muscles, organs, and veins sat on the skeleton. I was immediately hooked on how life on Earth is structured and knit together! From then on, it became an unwavering drive to create creatures, including ones from fantasy, with as much realism as possible!

Realistic Clip Art
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What Can You Do With These Cool Graphics?

Here, at TJR Cool Graphics, I have ideas for creating your own products to sell along with tips for designing fun crafts at home.

My realistic clip art designs are perfect for any number of projects.  Use them on t shirts and mugs, thermoses, bags, cell phone covers, and so much more!  These cool graphics have countless applications!

I made a career for myself working for Arctic Circle Enterprises (ACE) in Anchorage, Alaska.  I developed my skills in creating cool graphics and learned valuable details about setting up designs for production.  

In addition, I was occasionally visited by a moose at my window.

Cool Graphics
Cool Graphics

At ACE, I was able to gain tremendous experience with creating and setting up screen print illustrations for use on commercial products. I also developed my abilities in creating graphic designs for use on a variety of gift products including: magnets, drinkware, garments, bags, key chains, and much more! I've even designed 3D illustrations of items later created into sculptures and even a 15 foot tall statue!

Incorporating all of my experience, I've launched TJR Cool Graphics as the ideal location for professional freelance artwork.

I can create nearly any graphic design project. My greatest skills are with illustration and I love any opportunity to create beautiful and dynamic designs. I have illustrated everything from charming and whimsical characters in children's books to zombie designs for James Roday.  My clients span America from coast to coast.

Freelance Graphic Designs and Illustrations

I have created hundreds of different designs for many different clients.  Everything from logo work to a custom painted box intended to hold an urn.  

The majority of my cool graphic design work is digital.  I have spent decades developing my skill with illustration software.  Most of my work is created with the Abobe products Photoshop and Illustrator. 

My freelance clients include:

  • James Roday, star of Psych and co-founder of Red Dog Squadron
  • EK Keratsis, co-producer for the USA series, Burn Notice
  • Aquabee Paper Company
  • Action Wheel Leadership
  • Bob Bell
  • Channel 11 News, Anchorage
  • Channel 2 News, Anchorage
  • Kelly Pinnell: Book illustrations for The ABC's of Reading Alaska's Small Rivers and Streams
  • The Printer
  • Sak’s Thrift Avenue
  • Home Depot
  • Taste of Seoul
  • Blaine’s Art Supply
  • Arctic Circle Enterprises LLC
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